Dementia Care Philosophy

The Manor Residential Home treats every resident living with Dementia as an entire individual, deserving of the same personal connections, engagement and fulfilment of happiness that every individual deserves.

The holistic approach that The Manor Residential Home follows is based up years of research within the field from individuals that have developed expertise within the Health and Social care sector.

The Manor uses this approach for all our residents, we do not segregate those living with Dementia and we follow the same approach to care for all our residents using the quality of care domains. These domains are: Emotional, intellectual, creative, environmental, physical, vocational, and spiritual needs. We believe that every individual we care for will benefit from the attention of this wide array of needs.

Our staff pay close attention to verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. We see agitation as a sign of communication; weather this is an unmet need or a desire to seek something.

We keep our resident’s quality of life at the centre of everything we do.

In nutshell our dementia care philosophy is simple, we treat all our residents as a whole person. We focus on a holistic approach to their care; this is directed by following best practices in the health and social care.